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The Song of Bernadette, Francis of Assisi, The Bible, The Greatest Story Ever Told, and The Robe

5-DVD Set: 5 Great Movies. A collection of 5 classic movies all together in one special box-set. 12.5 hours of viewing!

THE SONG OF BERNADETTE: Bernadette Soubirous (Jennifer Jones) is a sickly 14-year-old girl who sees a vision of a "beautiful lady" and never suffers from her illness again. Then, a fountain materialises near the site of her vision which seems to heal visitors who bathe in it. Unspoiled by her apparent gift, Bernadette nonetheless suffers the prejudices of those around her in this extraordinary, inspiring film that also stars Vincent Price, Charles Bickford and Lee J. Cobb.

FRANCIS OF ASSISI: Born into a life of privilege, passion and extravagance, Francis of Assisi would become one of the most beloved and revered saints in history. Bradford Dillman delivers a gripping performance as the lusty adventurer who hears the voice of God and answers by abandoning his secular life. Trading in his sword for a cross, he rises to glory...only to see his life's work threatened by a corrupt and jealous church hierarchy. Helmed by famed Casablanca director, Michael Curtiz, this epic tale of courage and sacrifice will inspire the entire family.

THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD: A magnificent film handled with reverence, artistic appreciation and admirable restraint" (New York Daily News), this glorious epic is an inspiring, grand scale recreation of the life of Jesus of Nazareth, from his humble birth and teachings to his crucifixion and ultimate resurrection. Lavishly produced at a cost of S20 million - an enormous amount for the time - and honoured with five 1965 Academy Award nominations, this exceptional motion picture is exquisitely beautiful. Now fully restored to its original theatrical brilliance with intermission and overture, it is truly The Greatest Story Ever Told.

THE ROBE: The first movie ever filmed in CinemaScope, The Robe was nominated for five Academy Awards in 1953, including Best Picture and Best Actor for Richard Burton. Burton stars as Marcellus Gallia, the Roman centurion charged with overseeing the crucifixion. But when he wins Christ's robe in a gambling game at the foot of the crass, his life is forever changed. An inspired story set to a spectacular score, and featuring an all-star cast, including Victor Mature and Jean Simmons, The Robe remains one of the screen's greatest biblical epics.

THE BIBLE: The greatest stories of the Old Testament are brought to the screen with astounding scope and power in this international film which depicts the first 22 chapters of Genesis. This is the spectacular story of man's creation, his fall, his survival and his indomitable faith in the future. Matching the epic scale of the production are performances by George C. Scoff as Abraham, Ava Gardner as Sarah, and Peter O'Toole as the haunting presence of the Angel of God. The legendary John Huston directs and delivers a commanding performance as Noah. From the film's opening amidst cosmic chaos, to its lingering message of hope and salvation, The Bible stands as a monumental motion picture achievement.

Ref : DVD-5Col


The Way

When Tom (Golden Globe Award winner Martin Sheen, The West Wing), a stubbornly sage American doctor arrives in France, no experience in his illustrious life has prepared him for the untimely death of his adventurous son Daniel (Emilio Estevez).  

Grasping at memories and missed opportunities, without a compass to set him straight, Tom faces unimaginable cross roads in his life. Coming to terms with his loss and compelled to understand Daniel's spirited ideals, Tom embarks on the grand historical pilgrimage, "The Way of Saint James," in order to honour his son and fulfill his last wish to complete the journey.  

An inexperienced trekker himself, Tom meets other pilgrims from around the world, also looking for greater meaning in their lives: a Dutchman (Yorick van Wageningen, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo), a Canadian (Deborah Kara Unger, Silent Hill) and an Irish writer (James Nesbitt, The Hobbit), who is suffering from a bout of writer's block. 

This unlikely quartet of international misfits forge an everlasting bond and allow Tom to discover what it means to be a citizen of the world again, and to appreciate the remarkable difference between the life we live and the life we choose.

Ref : DVD-TW


Therese - Special Edition

Heralded as one of the most inspiring films in recent years. Therese recounts the life of Therese of Lisieux, the most popular saint of modern times. A bourgeois girl from a Victorian French family, Therese journeyed to Rome to beg Pope Leo XIII for permission to enter the Carmelite monastery at the unheard-of age of 15. Through the rigours of monastic life, she made the surprising yet simple discovery that holiness can be achieved by small acts of love and compassion - a spiritual path she called a "Little Way."

This film is a beautiful retreat into the world of a remarkable young girl who fell in love with God. A drama of tragedy and triumph, Therese presents the true story of an ordinary girl with an extraordinary soul.

Imported from the U.S.A: requires multi-zone DVD player.

This Special Edition also contains:* The Making of Therese* Deleted Scenes* Featurette* Trailers & TV spots* Special Full-Colour booklet included. Running Time: 96 minutes

Ref : DVD-T


Time For Mercy

Don't miss why now, unlike any other moment in history, is the Time for Mercy.

Join Joseph Campanella as he explores provoking questions such as, "Are the events we are witnessing simply a quirk of nature, or is what we have seen just a small sample of what is yet to come?"  To many, the signs of the times seem to be crying out to us with an urgent message.

In this DVD you will witness remarkable footage and ultimately be challenged to decide how important these divine revelations are for you and the world. 65 minutes.

Ref : Ref: DVD-TFM



The battle has begun. Which side are you on?

Miracles. Apparitions. Prophecies. Are they real or mere fantasy? From award-winning director Sean Bloomfield (If Only We Had Listened) and producer Zaid Jazrawi comes The Triumph, a documentary investigating the greatest supernatural mystery of the modern world.

Six people from Medjugorje, a village in Bosnia-Herzegovina, claim that the Virgin Mary has been appearing to them since 1981. Reports of unexplained phenomena abound. When skeptical young man named Ben journeys to Medjugorje seeking answers to life's biggest questions, he discovers something that will change the course of his life forever - and impact every person on the planet.

Bonus Features:

* The new short film, "Finding Fr. Jozo" * A full apparition caught on video * Nine language options



Walking the Camino

Walking the Camino is an up-close look at one of humanity’s most time-honoured traditions. By following pilgrims from all walks of life as they attempt to cross an entire country on foot with only a backpack, a pair of boots and an open mind, we witness the Camino’s magnetic and miraculous power to change lives.

Driven by an inexplicable calling and a grand sense of adventure, the pilgrims throw themselves heart and soul into their physical trek to Santiago and, most importantly, their personal journey to themselves.



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