Sacred Art - Tommy Canning

The Art of Divine Mercy studio is located in Argyll and Bute, a beautiful and peaceful Scottish landscape that provides great inspiration. Tommy Canning’s art, reminiscent of the Great Masters such as Michaelangelo, Raphael and Caravaggio, draws on their legacy to create a bridge between the old and the new. Taking to heart the words of Pope John Paul II: “It is up to you, men and women who have given your lives to art, to declare with all the wealth of your ingenuity that in Christ the world is redeemed…” (Letter to Artists, 1999)

A variety of beautiful sacred images is available from The Art of Divine Mercy painted by Tommy Canning, a world-renowned Catholic artist from Scotland. Tommy’s images have been featured in Catholic media worldwide, and his inspirational paintings have touched the hearts of many spiritual people. We have featured some of his paintings on the back of our Divine Mercy calendar for the past three years but a selection is now available for purchase for the very first time.

You Are A Priest Forever

This image titled "You Are A Priest Forever" was painted in 2002 by artist Tommy Canning from Scotland. A3 size. 40.5cm (16 inches) tall by 30.5cm (12 inches) wide. Portrait layout. Website:

Ref : Ref: P-TCYPF1


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