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Gospel-Meditated Rosary

To Jesus through Mary: pray the Rosary, read the Scripture! With a short passage on which to meditate for each bead of every Mystery, this is a rich, detailed and inspiring companion to scriptural prayer.

Now back in print!



The Divine Mercy Message and Devotion Prayerbook

Latest edition 2007. Our most popular and detailed prayer book on the message of Divine Mercy and the life and prayers of Saint Faustina. It contains many inspiring prayers, with new material explaining how Divine Mercy is truly at the heart of the Gospel and Church teaching.

It has colour photos of St. Faustina's canonisation, Pope John Paul II's visit in 1997 to her tomb, plus much more. Almost 50 years of research in this prayer book. Highly recommended and features laminated front cover! 90 pages.

Ref : BKL-M17a


Why Mercy Sunday?

By Fr. George W. Kosicki, CSB. The best booklet on Divine Mercy Sunday!

A unique booklet of questions and answers clearly and concisely addressing the most common questions about this new Feast Day which Our Lord requested, such as:

-What is Divine Mercy Sunday?

- Why do we need it?

- Why should I go to confession before Divine Mercy Sunday?

- What about receiving Holy Communion on the day itself?

- What graces can I receive?

Excellent reading for you or your Parish Priest. 60 pages. Very informative, and highly inspirational! Laminated cover.



By His Wounds You Are Healed

A collection of nearly 200 meditations and prayers based on the Sacred Wounds and Passion of Christ.  A very encouraging set of readings that is simple to read, inspirational, and enlightening.  205 pages.



Come To My Mercy

In this booklet, Fr. Kosicki has performed an invaluable service, gathering and organising over seventy quotations of Our Lord from the Diary of Saint Faustina, together with the promises He offers for those who fulfill those desires.

In this booklet, discover for yourself the wonderful desires and promises our Merciful Saviour revealed to the Mercy Saint and to us! A truly inspirational prayer book that will touch the hearts of many.

Recently reprinted with a high gloss cover. Highly recommended! 32 pages.



Conversations with the Merciful God

God is waiting for you!

Do you ever wish you could talk to the Lord about your troubles and get some answers? Are you ever weighed down by sin and by suffering? Do you find yourself striving for perfection and falling short of the mark? Are you even, at times, tempted to despair?

In Conversations with the Merciful God, you will discover that the Lord is waiting for you---even in the midst of your misery.

Drawn from the Diary of St. Maria Faustina, here are the Merciful Saviour's conversations with a sinful soul, a despairing soul, a suffering soul, a soul striving for perfection, and a perfect soul. In these conversations between the Lord and souls in need, you can begin to learn how to grow into greater intimacy with the merciful God.



Divine Mercy as a Way of Life

Written by a doctor whose first-hand experiences of living the message of Divine Mercy have proven to be of extreme value through a traumatic event involving his young son. This booklet explains that we also can live the message of Divine Mercy through forgiveness and trust. (59 pages, plastic cover.)

Import USA.



Divine Mercy Explained

Keys to the Message and Devotion

This booklet from bestselling author Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC (Consoling the Heart of Jesus and 33 Days to Morning Glory), gives you a brief and easy-to-understand introduction to the Divine Mercy message and devotion. You'll read about the history and context of Divine Mercy, the essential elements of the devotion, and how you can live the message.

Includes the full prayers of the Divine Mercy Novena and St. Faustina's Litany to Divine Mercy, as well as two bonus appendices: valuable Divine Mercy prayers and Divine Mercy wisdom from Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI.

67 pages



Divine Mercy Image Explained

For everyone from experts to beginners, this new booklet by author Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC, is an engaging read that reveals hidden gems and highlights inspiring truths about the Divine Mercy Image. It covers the great grace and key elements of the Image with remarkable depth and clarity. Also includes instructions on how to enthrone the image in your home, an enthronement prayer, and two bonus appendices.

Includes Enthronment Prayers

68 pages




Fifteen Minutes

A very small, wallet-size prayer booklet.  It is written as though Our Lord is speaking to you to inspire and encourage you in times of need.  From the writings of Blessed Alexandrina.

Ref : BKL-15M


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