Prayer Cards

St Joseph

A powerful prayer to Saint Joseph, which begins: O glorious Saint Joseph, you who have power to render possible things that are, for us, impossible, come to our aid in our present trouble and distress.

Ref : PC-SJ


The 3 O'Clock Prayer / Chaplet of Mercy

This 350gsm full-colour prayer card has the 1998 Divine Mercy image on the front. The back has the 3 O'Clock Prayer combined with the Chaplet of Mercy.

Ref : PC-DMP1


The Chaplet of Divine Mercy

This 350gsm prayer card has a full-colour Divine Mercy image on the front. The back has the Chaplet of Divine Mercy (surrounded by Rosary beads). Excellent for personal use and to distribute among family, friends, prayer groups and churches.

Ref : PC10-DM


The Divine Mercy Image (Postcard Size)

A beautiful image of the Divine Mercy that was produced in Vietnam, with an explanation of the image and its attached graces on the back. Laminated.

Ref : PC-DM-Image


The Miracle Prayer

The Miracle Healing Prayer by Fr. Peter Rookey.

Ref : PC-MP


The Miracle Prayer Laminated

A beautiful image of the Holy Face of Christ on the front, and the powerful Miracle Prayer on the reverse. Full colour and laminated!

Ref : PC-MP1


The Tribunal of Mercy

An image of the Tribunal of Mercy - the Sacrament of Reconciliation - painted by Scottish artist Tommy Canning.  On the back is an introduction to the Divine Mercy devotion as revealed to Saint Faustina Kowalska.



Threefold Prayer Card

In this small fold-out prayer card, perfectly sized to fit in a wallet, you'll find instructions for praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet and 3 O'Clock Prayer, prayers for conversion and healing, and a prayer of intercession to Saint Faustina Kowalska.

Ref : PC-JTY


Trust Him

A beautiful prayer card about when and why we should be trusting in Jesus.

Ref : PC-TH


When I Forgive, I Forget

A full-colour image of the Holy Face set in an elegant border; on the reverse, an act of consecration to the Divine Mercy.

Ref : PC-WFF


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