Father Robert Galea CDs

Contemporary Australian worship music by well-known "Singing Priest" Father Robert Galea.


Track listing: Deeper; Closer; Make Me Holy; Nothing Less; Only By Grace; You Are Holy; More Of You; Here’s My Life; All I Need; I Will Trust.



Reach Out

Track listing: Lift Me Up: Reach Out; Fragile Heart; Letting Go; Never Let Go; Song of Love; Carry Me; Stronger; More Than Me; I Love You; You Are; Send Us Out.



Something About You

Track Listing: Alive; No Greater Love; Higher Than The Clouds; Glorious; Soldier; Angel; Bring Us To Our Knees; Something About You; Draw Me; Love That Never Fails; We Exalt.



What a Day

Track listing: To The Ends Of The Earth; Open Your Heart; Hold Onto Me; Here I Am; Fill Us Up; I’ll Bow Down; What Do You Say; What A Day; Glory To You; Foot Of The Cross; Mulej F’Idejk/Nelle Tue Mani; (Maltese/Italian) Faithful; I Surrender to You.



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