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Born in London in 1953, Alan Ames left behind a violent and hate-filled life when Our Lord brought him to forgiveness and reconciliation through the Sacraments of the Church. Alan now has an international healing ministry with the written support of his Archbishop in Perth, and shares his story of conversion with others to draw them closer to the loving and merciful God. These books are the accounts of private revelations made by Our Lord to Alan - beautiful stories of His life, and messages of hope for His faithful!

Through the Eyes of Jesus (Trilogy)

This hard cover book contains Volumes 1, 2 and 3 of Through the Eyes of Jesus and would make an ideal gift for anyone who wishes to learn more about the down-to-earth interaction of Jesus with His Disciples on the roads to Jerusalem. “Are the events and details of Jesus’ life told here true? I got my ‘yes’ answer as I compared them with the life of Jesus as I had learned it from the Gospel, church teaching and tradition. To imagine the events told here without an interior vision would be as easy as writing the gospels without Divine assistance.”

- Richard T McSorley S.J. - Theologian

Ref : BK-TEJ(AA)


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