Divine Mercy Conference 2016

Remember this well, and we can say it all together: ‘There is no limit to Divine Mercy offered to all!’ Let us say it together… ‘There is no limit to Divine Mercy offered to all!’ - Pope Francis, 06/04/2014.

Divine Mercy Conference in the Jubilee Year of Mercy 2016 DVD Set

This three-disc set contains the entirety of the conference held at the Divine Mercy Shrine in Keysborough on the 11th of June, 2016. Professionally filmed and edited, from the stunning opening Mass to the concluding prayers, this is a wonderful souvenir of a grace-filled day or a chance to share it with those who could not attend.

Speakers include Archbishop Julian Porteous of Tasmania, Father Joseph Roesch MIC from the USA, and Father Simon Ckuj, appointed by the Vatican to be one of Australia's two Missionary of Mercy priests. Also featuring powerful testimonies by Anthony de Vincentis, Peter August, Simon Costa, Mathew Sullivan and John Fowler. Music provided by the Samoan Divine Mercy Choir, Joan Drago, and Sister Elzbieta.

Ref : DVD-DMC16


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