Inspirational Cards

Beautiful Verses from Karen Maree Canavan.

Karen Maree Canavan was born in the small country town of Ultima, Victoria, Australia in 1960. She has always had a love of poetry and at the most difficult times of her life the only way she could express her feelings, especially about others, was through words written down on paper and mostly only ever seen by herself. Karen, a Catholic mother of five young children, feels that her verses are a special gift from Our Lord and at most times she just picks up the pen and writes straight from the heart with no thought of what the next line may be. Karen hopes by sharing some of her heartfelt thoughts someone else may find comfort in their time of need. She wishes to thank her family and friends for their persistence in continually encouraging her to make public some of her writings so others may be touched as they were.

I would choose you to love

This beautiful and inspirational card is truly a special gift for a close friend. It expresses not only how valuable your life is, but also how valuable your friendship has been. The verse is given as follows:

If I had my life to begin again

I would not wish to change the world

nor be remembered by millions for something I may have done.

If I had my life to begin again

I would try to live my dreams without fear of failure,

I would try to give love without fear of rejection,

I would try to accept others without judgement,

I would reach out to hold a trembling hand more often,

I would take more time to see the beauty that surrounds me,

I would gently dry the tears upon the face of a troubled friend,

I would try to listen more with my heart.

Thank you for these gifts you have given me.

If I had my life to live again I would choose you as my friend,

I would choose you to love.

Ref : Ref:PC-KMC10


Inspirational Christmas card

This specially commissioned Christmas card is an inspirational story about the wonder of the Christmas season, revealing the true gift of the Christ Child and the gift of the one you love. Beautifully presented in calligraphy, the story reads as follows:The Miracle of Christmas is not in the gifts we give or receive, but in the laughter shared, the hands held, the hugs exchanged, the special words spoken. These are what we remember long after the day has passed, the presents opened, the tree stored away for another year.It is a day for remembering our Saviour was born to bring joy and life to our world, for remembering those we love who are now at God's side, for remembering those who hold a special place in our heart. It is the anniversary of a miracle, God's gift to us of peace, of joy, of hope. We are, each of us, a miracle, born with gifts to share with those around us, as Jesus did when he was among us.Your gift is your way with people, your way of making others feel they truly are important. To be able to share a gift such as that is the true Miracle of Christmas. Your gift to me is our sharing of this day, the memories I will have when I close my eyes on Christmas night and my thoughts are of the day just passed.My gift to you I cannot buy, nor wrap, nor send, for it is my Love.

Ref : Ref:CMS6



4" x 6" (105 x 155mm)

Ref : Ref:PC-KMC7


Tell Me

4" x 6" (105 x 155mm)

Ref : Ref:PC-KMC8


The Gift of Your Friendship

4" x 6" (105 x 155mm) "I have wished for many things in my lifetime. But in the gift of your friendship, my prayers have been answered!"

Ref : Ref:PC-KMC3


The Miracle of a Newborn Child

4 1/2" x 6 1/2" (115 x 165mm)

Ref : PC-KMC13


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