'Pray 4 Us' Playing Cards

'Pray 4 Us' Playing Cards - At last! Family fun to introduce a variety of Catholic Saints to all who play. A beautifully packaged group of holy playing cards that all will enjoy and learn from. Includes five new fun games with instructions: Saintly Search Bilocation Heaven Who Am I Pass the Saint.

A great gift to introduce people to well known Saints.

Ref : CRD-P4U


Bookmark: Divine Mercy (Newton)

Laminated Divine Mercy bookmark. Australian image with Chaplet on the back.

Laminated bookmark with rounded corners!

Ref : BKM1 (A&I)


Bookmark: Divine Mercy (Tommy Canning)

Modern image of the Divine Mercy painted by Scottish artist Tommy Canning, with the prayers of the Chaplet on the back.

Laminated bookmark with rounded corners!

Ref : BKM-TC


Bookmark: Divine Mercy (Vilnius)

The Vilnius image of Our Lord on the front; on the back, the prayers of the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.

Laminated bookmark with rounded corners!

Ref : BKM-V


Divine Mercy Computer Mouse Mat

Beautifully printed in colour and specially coated on one side to grip the table. Information about the Divine Mercy Image is printed on the back.

19.5cm x 23cm

Ref : Ref:MM-DM


Holy Water Spray Bottles x 3

A beautifully-designed 5ml holy water, metal alloy spray bottle with a picture of the Divine Mercy. Only 1.7cm x 8.6cm in size, making it perfect for your bag, car or travel. About 80 sprays before easy refill. We do not offer colour selection; bottle colour is selected randomly. The bottle does not come filled with holy water, which is available at your closest church.

PLEASE NOTE: AT PRESENT WE ONLY HAVE GOLD BOTTLES AVAILABLE. We hope to get more colours soon. $15 for 3 bottles!

Ref : M-HWB


Surrender Prayer Bookmark

A light green bookmark with the beautiful words of Don Dolindo Ruotolo: 'Oh Jesus, I surrender myself to you, take care of everything!' On the back is a gentle reminder from Our Lord not to fear, but to place all our trust in Him.



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