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 About David Parkes

The story of Irish singer David Parkes has touched the hearts of tens of thousands of people world-wide. He was a professional footballer and singer who, at the peak of his international career, was struck down by an incurable illness. He was given only weeks to live by his doctors and it was then that he went with his wife to the place where they spent their honeymoon, close to Bosnia-Herzegovina.

His wife prayed for his healing, but more so for him to come back to his faith. She took him to Medjugorje and although he did not want to be there, she managed to get him to meet Father Peter Rookey. After receiving a blessing from Fr. Rookey, David lay unconscious for about twenty minutes. After awakening he found that he was physically healed of his illness. This incident also healed him spiritually.

Since the miraculous healing of his Crohn's Disease in 1989, David has dedicated his life to Our Lady and travels world-wide witnessing, through the great gift of his music, his love of Our Lady, and his witness to the great mercy of Our Lord. Since 1992, David has recorded seven inspirational religious albums which have deeply touched the hearts of thousands of people in many continents of the world.

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