Greeting Cards - Easter

Easter Greeting Cards This beautiful story based on Mary’s Christmas Dream is printed inside each of the Easter cards shown below.

Joseph’s Easter Dream (by J. & K. Canavan)

I had a dream Mary, like the one that you had at Christmas. It was also about Our Son Jesus, who, on Good Friday gave the Greatest Gift of all to mankind - “His Life”. But in this dream Mary, so few people understood the true meaning of Easter. So many people disbelieved and doubted the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Our Son Jesus. They were looking forward to Easter as only a break away from work - a long weekend. Oh Mary, how the world had changed! The evil one had deceived many of Our Son’s children. I looked on in disbelief as both young and old exchanged gifts of chocolate and talked of the Easter Bunny, rather than remembering the Great Gift of Life Our Son had given them. They did not realise the intense suffering and pain Jesus endured for all mankind! Rather than spending time with Our Son, many chose to spend their time shopping, gambling and participating in sporting events over these most sacred days. Unfortunately, Good Friday had for many become just a good holiday. I then saw Our Son nailed to the cross, crowned with thorns and His eyes were filled with tears as He looked towards his Heavenly Father and said: “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do. ”Mary, when I suddenly awoke from this dream, I fervently prayed: Please, let none of what I dreamt come true.

This Easter Celebrate the Holy Days, not the holidays.