Who Dies Shall See... Purgatory and Heaven


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I am an old man, 77 years of age. I know I am close to death, yet I do not feel death within me. I feel life, even when I realise that I no longer have the strength to do many things. The reason for this is my internal understanding of the soul and its immortality. We each have an immortal soul and as such, it is always young.

Written through the pain of arthritis eleven years before his death, Who Dies Shall See... Purgatory and Heaven is Father Dolindo Ruotolo's great work on the survival of the soul after the completion of its life on earth. Through the pains of Purgatory to the bliss of Heaven, the soul draws ever nearer to the eternal union with God for which it was created.

Father Dolindo was born in Naples, Italy, in 1882. He was a holy priest, a mystic, and a prolific writer of spiritual instructions for the faithful. Who Dies Shall See is the first of his full-length works to be translated into English. The first half explains why the sufferings of Purgatory are welcomed by souls in their desire for purification; the second follows a soul in its ascent through the choirs of Heaven and into the embrace of God.

As an encouragement to a life of virtue, a rigorous exploration of Catholic teachings on life after death, and a tribute to the God Whom Father Dolindo loved above all things, this work is destined to be a modern classic on the spiritual life.

The whole of paradise is in your soul." Saint Pio of Pietrelcina to Father Dolindo Ruotolo.