Brother Elia (Elijah) of the Apostles of God and Divine Providence (Volume 3)


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For those who have not yet read the first two volumes, let us recall primarily the quest, the mission and the vocation of Brother Elia that remained problematic and painstaking until the day he found, in the diocese of Terni, a sympathetic bishop who gave him the opportunity to respond favourably to his vocation as the founder of the Congregation of the Apostles of God.

Elia Cataldo, Brother Elia in religion, was born on February 20th, 1962, the eighth child of a family of peasants in the Apulia region of southern Italy. At the age of seven, he saw angels for the first time, and at twelve years old, he walked to school in conversation with the Virgin Mary by his side. Guided by Lechitiel, his powerful guardian angel, the very same who served Jesus during His Agony, Brother Elia was granted many charismatic gifts, notably the stigmata of Jesus, ecstasies, reading of consciences, out-of-body experiences, bi-location, healings and conversions, exorcism, visions of Jesus, the Virgin Mary, Padre Pio, his mentor, and many other saints, like Mary Magdalene.

In this day and age of such rampant materialism, relativism and agnosticism which stifle the faith in God and religion, these astonishing signs of Heaven are particularly useful in this asphyxiation in order to restore man's sense of God and spirituality.