I AM (Exodus 3:14)


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Size: A4

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Painted in August 2022 by Scottish artist Tommy Canning.

"I Am is the Hebrew name of God, from Exodus 3:14.  The title displayed on the left hand side of God the Father.  This is a heavenly vision of the Holy Trinity and its relation to The Blessed Virgin Mary presented under three titles. Daughter of the Father, (The Virgin Mary as a young girl) directly below The Father. Spouse of the Holy Spirit, on the left hand side of the painting, (Our Lady of the Annunciation with The Holy Spirit above the head of Our Lady in the traditional form of imagery, as a dove, accompanied  by the Archangel Gabriel. On the right hand side of the painting, The Mother of Jesus, showing Our Lady holding the infant Jesus accompanied by The Archangel Raphael. At the top and centre of the image is the figure of God the Father accompanied at His right side by the figure of Saint Michael, the Archangel."  Tommy Canning