I would choose you to love


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Poem by Karen Maree Canavan

This beautiful and inspirational card is truly a special gift for a close friend. It expresses not only how valuable your life is, but also how valuable your friendship has been. The verse is given as follows:

If I had my life to begin again
I would not wish to change the world
nor be remembered by millions for something I may have done.
If I had my life to begin again
I would try to live my dreams without fear of failure,
I would try to give love without fear of rejection,
I would try to accept others without judgement,
I would reach out to hold a trembling hand more often,
I would take more time to see the beauty that surrounds me,
I would gently dry the tears upon the face of a troubled friend,
I would try to listen more with my heart.
Thank you for these gifts you have given me.
If I had my life to live again I would choose you as my friend,
I would choose you to love.