Medjugorje Peace Conference 2009


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Hear the striking testimony of Father Donald Calloway, who is now a priest after having led an absolutely wild teenage life. He did every kind of drug, drank alcohol every day, he's got a Grateful Dead tattoo, he got thrown in jail, thrown into rehab and thrown out of Japan. He knew nothing about God Jesus or Mary, and he didn't care to learn. So how did someone who was the polar opposite of priest material end up in collar? Hear this incredible story of how Our Lady touched and converted his heart.

Other testimonies by - Father Andrew Grace, a dynamic young priest from the Diocese of Wagga Wagga whose religious vocation came from his visit to Medjugorje. His love of Our Lady is most inspiring and he has a great gift for working with young people and bringing them back to God. - Father Peter Ferwerda, who considered the priesthood in his teen years, but pushed it aside because of a desire for marriage. He became a medical doctor, but finally accepted his call many years later after visiting Medjugorje. And others: John Canavan, Leo Daly, Tony Murnane, Dennis Patzel, homily by Father Riad.