Priestly Reflections by Father Barry Tobin PE


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Jesus hated all sham, hypocrisy, insincerity, and every form of pretence and pomposity. He was utterly sincere Himself and could not bear falseness in others. He could not stand the way some men oppressed women. He would not condone stoning a woman for adultery.


He told us so much about the ways of God. His love, His power, His providence, His pity, and His desire for the love of every soul. He posed that searching question: "What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but suffers the loss of his soul?" In this, his second published collection of sermons and reflections, Father Barry Tobin of the Archdiocese of Melbourne explores the New Testament for insights into the character of Jesus Christ. Our Lord's interactions with people of all ages and from all social classes of the time reveal His intelligence, patience, and kindness, and His tireless divine resolution to fulfil the mission for which He came. Written with a gentle Australian humour, this book will bring scenes from Scripture to life for the reader and offer insights into their meaning for our modern lives.