Stories of Love


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'How could God love me? I've hurt so many people. I've committed so many sins. I even disgust myself,' replied the young man.

'Well, God showed His love of you tonight,' suggested the priest.

'What do you mean?' asked the now confused man.

'Well, God created your dog in His love, and in God's love your dog loved you. When your dog saw that you were in danger, the love he had for you, the God-given love, made him want to save you, and so he sacrificed his life for you. In that sacrifice, your dog showed that God's love within him wanted to stop you from harming yourself. In this way, God is saying to you that your life is valuable, that you are loved and cared for, and that you should try again in life and not give up.' (Excerpt from the chapter 'My Friend Loved Me.')

Each story in this beautiful collection was given to Alan Ames by Our Lord and the Blessed Virgin. They reveal the depths of God's love for His children, giving lessons in how to live.