The Father's Divine Gift - The Holy Eucharist


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This image titled "The Father's Divine Gift - The Holy Eucharist" was painted in 2021 by Scottish artist Tommy Canning.

There are four “characters” in this picture and the last two came at different times.
(1) the Father’s hands holding the Cross and the Eucharist;
(2) the Blessed Lady;

(3) the glittering rosary beads (faceted) and
(4) the gem (oblong with a white line along the
side and dark blue in colour).

As I understand it, the Father’s hands are holding the Cross. At the bottom of the Cross is the Holy Eucharist. The right hand is holding the rosary beads that glitter with the lights ascending in different colours. The left hand receives the gem that is deep blue in colour, almost black and very shiny. It is oblong in shape
with a thin line of white along the side.

The gem is the grace that God gives to those who pray the rosary faithfully and receive the Holy Eucharist in a state of grace.