The Sacred Scripture: The Gospel According to John (Don Dolindo Ruotolo) Book 1


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Ref: BK-SSJ1

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In this moving first of three volumes, Don Dolindo Ruotolo gives detailed commentary and examines the mystical themes of the fourth Gospel, that of St. John.

An intelligent and perceptive man, he sought something beyond the realms of human knowledge: the transcendent light of Christ, the Word of God. “And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.”

No human intellect can comprehend the nature of the Trinity, nor the emergence of matter from nothing at the Fiat! of God, nor the Incarnation of the Word. Yet these are the mysteries encapsulated in the opening lines of the Gospel, and so Father Ruotolo explores their meaning in these pages with the full ardour of his faith.

264 pages approx. A5 size.